Retractable Pen Keychain

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  •  ULTIMATE functional writing tool for kids, teens, contractors, surveyors, teachers, office and more. Can be secured by different attachment means to your backpack, pad, pallet, belt and pocket, and other, and used with a freedom of retractable lanyard
  • PERFECT for recording your data in different colors, highlighting, decorating your writing, emphasizing by just using one pen from our set of four different color pens, four ink color each pen: BLACK, RED, GREEN and BLUE.
  • VERSATILE AND CONVENIENT attachment of our pen provided by the choice of carabiner for attachment through any loop, or a clip on a reel for attachment to the belt or pocket. Carabiner and a clip on a reel are removable, so you can use either of them or both, or detach both from the pen. Pen features a lanyard hole for your own choice of tethering.
  • RETRACTABLE TETHER is 30” long providing freedom of movement and use for securely attached pen.
  • SECURE EASY GRIP is particularly useful in different working environments.


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